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03/06/12 Lagos, Nigeria

7 Jun

As salam aleikum

The tragedy of 03/06/12 in Lagos, Nigeria is still very fresh in our hearts . I have read so many tributes to those who died in that ill fated flight that it makes you realise that grief really does draw people together and closer to the almighty. It renews people’s faith in the almighty; the holy Qur’an constantly talks about death. I know it is a way of getting us Muslims to be prepared for death as it can take any one of us any time as it is indeed a thief that does not announce it’s entrance or pre warn of its imminent visit. May Allah Subhanahu wa-ta’ala in his infinite mercy give the loved ones of the departed the fortitude to bear their losses . families were wiped off the face of the earth in the blink of an eye.

I always say that I will never fly locally in Nigeria because I know the state the airlines are likely to be as Nigeria is a well known corrupt nation but then I read someone’s comment on facebook about people not passing blames here, there and everywhere when we hear about fatalities on the motorway because those people dying on the motorway are the poor and less important of the society. He then went ahead to remind us that motorway fatalities in Nigeria are a daily occurrence and in some instances as much as 154 people die at once. (when coaches are involved in crashes). but now I realise that it doesn’t matter how you travel in Nigeria, if you arrive safely you should say alhamdulillah several times because almighty Allah made you have that safe journey, not because you are the most religious or the one who does something to please him the most but simply because it’s just not yet your time.

what really prompted me to write this entry is an article that was shared on facebook by a friend. the article is about one of the deceased of the ill-fated flight. it described the kind of person she was and how people should emulate her attributes. My dad always told us while we were kids about being the best we can be and alhamdulillah i can honestly say we aren’t doing badly . I pray that we do not have to witness sucha terrible event again. Amin.

Let this plane crash be another reminder to the purpose of our existence in life. Think before you act because we don’t know when death will come knocking. Yes we all pray that we live long to see our children’s children, eat the fruits of our labour and enjoy a long and healthy life. weather that will come to pass for us all, we don’t know so let your actions be for the sake of Allah and give as much as you can in charity as often as you can.

Ma salam


Hello world!

3 Jun
As salam aleikum
My dad retired in February of this year; Al-hamdulillah  and a junior colleague of his decided to write a biography about my dad so we (my siblings and I) were all asked to write an article each to be included in the book along with write ups from a lot of other people he had worked with or who are friends with him. After weeks of struggling to put the words together,  I eventually wrote and sent my piece. When I received my published copy, I was ashamed at the length (if you can call it that) of my write up:( sad. Anyone would think I didn’t feel the same way towards my dad as my siblings do or that I couldn’t be bothered. the truth is I am not a writer and I don’t like writing. So I have decided to own a blog where I can put thoughts, ideas and feelings down and hopefully improve on my writing skills.
 I don’t know what i will be writing about yet but In shaa Allah I hope to write about fashion  for the muslim woman amongst other things :) happy. I started wearing the bonnet cap (hence the name of my blog) in October 2010. It hasn’t always been easy but alhamdulillah I have come to really like wearing it, well truth be told not always :) happy. My main problem now with living in England is there aren’t enough affordable fashionable clothes that covers enough of my chest area so I am having to wear inner tops on most summer days. Winter days are ok as most clothes have to be high necks or you freeze :) happy. But I think because of the duchess of Cambridge (as royals aren’t expected to reveal much of their cleavage) I may be able to get them easier now. well I am hoping so. i like all the outfits she has worn for the golden jubilee. So I hope she continues to influence young fashion for a long time. That’s me done for today. i don’t know when my next entry will be but i hope in shaa Allah i can make it a habit. Please leave a comment be it a positive one or a negative one.
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ma salam