Hello world!

3 Jun
As salam aleikum
My dad retired in February of this year; Al-hamdulillah  and a junior colleague of his decided to write a biography about my dad so we (my siblings and I) were all asked to write an article each to be included in the book along with write ups from a lot of other people he had worked with or who are friends with him. After weeks of struggling to put the words together,  I eventually wrote and sent my piece. When I received my published copy, I was ashamed at the length (if you can call it that) of my write up:( sad. Anyone would think I didn’t feel the same way towards my dad as my siblings do or that I couldn’t be bothered. the truth is I am not a writer and I don’t like writing. So I have decided to own a blog where I can put thoughts, ideas and feelings down and hopefully improve on my writing skills.
 I don’t know what i will be writing about yet but In shaa Allah I hope to write about fashion  for the muslim woman amongst other things :) happy. I started wearing the bonnet cap (hence the name of my blog) in October 2010. It hasn’t always been easy but alhamdulillah I have come to really like wearing it, well truth be told not always :) happy. My main problem now with living in England is there aren’t enough affordable fashionable clothes that covers enough of my chest area so I am having to wear inner tops on most summer days. Winter days are ok as most clothes have to be high necks or you freeze :) happy. But I think because of the duchess of Cambridge (as royals aren’t expected to reveal much of their cleavage) I may be able to get them easier now. well I am hoping so. i like all the outfits she has worn for the golden jubilee. So I hope she continues to influence young fashion for a long time. That’s me done for today. i don’t know when my next entry will be but i hope in shaa Allah i can make it a habit. Please leave a comment be it a positive one or a negative one.
Thank you for stopping by 
ma salam

2 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Famurewa Oluwaseun 09/12/2012 at 02:12 #

    the blog site has a nice feeling to it though. Its not the length of things said that matter but the wat is said and i sense your dad is a nice guy. some of us are trying hard, so hard on this blog thing. so be proud, shake your feathers and move on

    • bonnetcap 11/12/2012 at 00:09 #

      thank you for your kind and encouraging words

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