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Stay in regular touch

4 Nov

As salam aleikum

This past week has been a wake up call to me . A dear friend lost her sister after child birth . I know how close they were, they either speak or chat on a daily basis. She hadn’t seen her sister in about 4 years since she came to England. It got me thinking. Not many of us can actually say they speak to their parents or siblings on a daily basis. It just emphasise the fact that the older we get, the less often we stay in touch with our loved ones. It doesn’t mean we love them any less, it’s just that we let our busy schedule take up all our time to the extent that we go for up to a week sometimes without speaking to them. Of course it’s not always easy but i reckon it can be done. It doesn’t have to be serious conversation, technology has made it so easy these days. What with whatsapp, chaton, viber, tango, to mention but a few.

You can make it work if you set your mind to it. you can choose a time of day to call if it’s to your parents (who May not like chatting ) or you can send a quick hello chat during your lunch break. Start doing it today and you will realise it doesn’t take that long to keep up. you can choose to set up a group chat among you and your siblings. its a lot easier and that way you don’t feel like you are being biased to one sibling than the other(s). Have a fab week