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What if…

2 Mar

You die young?
God forbid, not my portion. There is still so much more to achieve. I serve a living God and by his special grace death will not become of me before my old age. amen

I am very sure that is what all you readers said as soon as you read the 1st 5 words. Well, my friend’s sister said the same and so did many other people that are no more today due to dying young. Death does not discriminate. It doesn’t care if you are rich, poor, white, black or asian. Death has no respect for anybody it just takes whoever it pleases whenever it pleases.

Nigeria is one of the countries with the highest mortality rate in the world according to research. Nigerians don’t grow as old as people in other parts of the world. This is a fact that if we are true to ourselves we will admit that we already see it around us regularly, yet we do not plan for untimely and premature death.

You could ask, how does one prepare for untimely death? Well the answer is simple; make arrangement to see that your children and parents (if they are old and dependent on you) do not have to suffer financially because you are no more’ Which family member they go to live with, which school they go to etc.

If a young father dies, life as hard as it will be for the widow, has to go on for her and the kids. If she is lucky, her husband’s family will give her financial and/or moral support once in a while. But if a mother dies young, the husband and his family start thinking of which of his sisters or brothers will be kind enough to take in 1 or 2 of the kids she left behind because the young father has to go out to work or how they split the kids among family members. God help any member of the deceased’s (wife) family if they offer to take in the kids.

Husband’s response:  No way, do you want my family to lose touch with them? No, we will sort it out among ourselves thank you. everybody go into panic mode because as it is an untimely death no arrangement has been made.

Why do we say we love our kids so much yet we do not make the necessary arrangement for unforeseen  circumstances? I know it is very hard to think about making such plans but if you just take a minute to think about how hard it will be for the loved ones you leave behind when you go, you will realise that making this necessary arrangement is not so hard after all.

No matter what we hate about the western countries, they are more often than not prepared. Many young couples made their wills as soon as they got married. Some 30 something year old have revised his or her will more than once already. They make arrangement with someone(usually their kid’s godmother/godfather) that he has to step in as the child’s guardian/carer in the event of an untimely death. The person they have arranged with is only there to offer support or relief of parental duties while the surviving parent need a break of their own from the child(ren).

I seriously pray to Allah that neither i nor you will ever need to use this but i really hope that by putting it out there for you to read, i have influenced 1 or 2 people to make the “what if i die young” arrangement. I am yet to make this arrangement myself but i hope to soon in shaa Allah.

Please remember to leave a comment for me so that i know what you think. Have you got it arranged already or has my write up prompted you? Thank you for taking the time to read it.