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Food waste

1 Feb

I live in a nation where food is wasted without a thought for the starving people of the world, no thought for the cost of the food. I watched a programme where a lady on the show talked about how much the cost of food was during the war and how hard it was to see food waste in bins. People used up every last ingredient in the house because they just cannot afford not to. But these days the bins are full of food waste and she thinks its because food is cheap so people don’t think before they buy too much from the shop or the market especially with all this buy 1 get 1 free offer you see quite often these days, you know i agree with her! Personally i think food is a bit expensive but if you think about it, if it was costlier to buy we will waste less and that is the truth.

I pride myself for being conscious of the fact that there are people in this world who cannot afford to eat at all so i try to not waste anything in the kitchen. I usually succeed as you will be hard pushed to find any waste in my kitchen or so i thought until during the course of this same programme (food and drink its called on BBC2) i realised that i could make use of that lettuce that is going brown instead of throwing it away. I ‘m always reluctant to make use of left over salad ingredients as they are usually eaten cold but i realised that it doesn’t necessarily mean that it cannot be cooked very lightly. So i have decided that going forward, i will try my best to use every single left over in my fridge.

Its even wrong in the sight of the almighty, may he always show us the right way of doing things. So for the sake of Allah, waste not want not. What clever way have you used to use up left over food recently? Please share because we don’t know it all, you may just share your “re use it” tip with someone who needs it. I used up the “browning” lettuce in indomie because 1 packet is not enough for me and 2 is not good for weight losers. I hope i have inspired you to use your left overs thank you.