27 Mar

i watched a programme on ISLAM CHANNEL earlier tonight that was about kids looking to be adopted. It’s a topic close to my heart and i hope to adopt some day soon, God willing. Find my first post about adoption It’s really upsetting to know that lots and lots of kids are waiting to be taken into a home to be loved when anybody can do it. Most people that adopt are those who are looking to satisfy their own need for a child or the joys that come with having a child. Not many people do it for the fact that you will be giving much desired love and kindness to a lost child.

In my opinion many people do not adopt because of the fear of what they may be getting themselves into but if you think about it really, do we know what we are getting ourselves into with our natural children? we dont choose them off a supermarket shelf so why the fear of adoption? Many people will say your natural child has been with you since birth so you get to form their personality but every child is different which is why you can find a mum with 1 loving, caring and generous kid and a second angry and unkind child, what is the reason behind that then after all she gave birth to both of them. 

Please do not let the fact that they are not your natural children stop you from doing this beautiful act of charity as God almighty always love a charitable person. If adoption is a step you are not ready to take, why not consider fostering? It’s also a very rewarding act. It must be a very demanding job to do but with God on your side, i’m sure you will scale through. Have a look on here for things you need to know about adoption;

 Like i said earlier in the post i haven’t adopted yet but if my post inspires or encourages someone to think about it or even go on to do it, i hope you will one day come on here to share your journey and experience with us. What do men think about adoption? i really will like to know. Do recommend this article to your male friends, husbands, colleagues and brothers so that they can read and let me know what they think. 


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