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I miss …….

6 Jul

Seeing and hearing about them. The family of 6; What a beauty they were. Dad, mom and their 4 kids. I am a product of that kind of family and i absolutely adore being one of four but for some reason, they are no longer cool. The new cool is the family of 4. I loved that and have that , thank God. A decade later I wish I had that family of 6.

I got thinking about it one fine sunny day when my son didn’t do his homework and he was grounded from going out to play with his friends. Now, he doesn’t really get along with his sister as they don’t have much in common so being grounded meant he had to entertain himself which nowadays means going on the internet or playing a game on his Xbox 360. If he had 2 other siblings he will definitely have something in common with at least 1 of them and they will never be short of someone to play with whenever he is grounded from going out to play.

You often see comments on a picture of any family of 6 saying “you’ve got your hands full haven’t you?” “How do you manage with 4 kids?” etc. Some of the parents are ashamed of it sometimes and immediately go on the defensive saying “I have my hands full” when you ask how many kids they’ve got just so you don’t get to tell them what they think you are thinking. I think having 4 kids (or more) will probably lead to mom being more of a mom and less of a referee as is the case in a 2 kids household well from my experience as a mom if 2.

It is a bit too late for some of us but i encourage any new families out there to give it a serious thought. If I have anymore now, my kids aren’t going to benefit from it as they are already too old to get the same benefit from it as I did. Having 4 kids is definitely a lot to be thankful for, something which those around you with less than 4 will come to realise when its maybe too late. I mean too late for them to have all 4 of them grow up together. So to all you family of 6 out there, let it be known that I am 1 of the people jealous of you right now so keep showing off you brood of 4. Happy parenting.