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3 Aug

Why is it so difficult for women to cover up these days, I seem to ask myself this question quite often these days?  But when the almighty says you should dress up modestly, why is it so difficult to do this then? I understand it is hard work when those around you aren’t covering up but believe me, there are some seriously beautiful modest outfits around these days that even those people making you dress the way you are now will be asking you where you shop. You just have to look for it in the right shops.

What gets to me more than most is some Muslim and Christian women who say they are born again Christians and practicing muslims yet they go around wearing low cut tops, mini skirts and even provocative outfits usually topped up with garish make-up and vulgar jewellery. Some Muslim women will even remove their scarves or hijabs to “fit in at work” or please people. Some even say they remove it because their husband likes it when they don’t cover their hair…. He likes it when you sin??? and you are not questioning his reasoning behind it and refer him to the chapter about modesty in the holy Qur’an?

We alone are responsible in the hereafter for our actions here on earth not somebody else so do not let anybody be the reason you sin. We are only on earth for a while, our eternal abode in sha Allah is jannah. We know that ignorance is not an excuse in the court of law so we do not do anything that will cause us to be summoned to court. Why do we then feign ignorance when it comes to the commands of the almighty??? Nobody knows when they will die yet this thing which is as important as the other things we have been commanded to do to please our maker is being ignored. It isn’t easy being modestly dressed, oh yes I know because it is still a daily struggle for me.

Do something amazing for yourself today; set yourself a challenge that in one year’s time your outfits will be more modest than they are today. If you think you can’t do the transition at ones then take it slowly. For example start by wearing skirts or dresses with longer hemline or ditch all your low cut tops and start hiding away your cleavages. It won’t be easy and yes you will fail sometimes but make sure you get yourself back on track before its too late. My challenge is to wear longer tops than I’m wearing now and in sha Allah I will do it. Please for the sake of your hereafter take this challenge up and change your wardrobe even if it’s one item at a time. I will like to know what challenge you have taken on please share so that hopefully 1 or more people will be encouraged in doing so. xxx