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My weight loss journey

26 Sep

I am a self confessed lazy woman, I have been trying terribly unsuccessfully for a few years now to shift some pounds that have unfortunately turned into stones. I decided to join slimming world this time because friends have reported successes even while they are eating to their heart’s fill. No portion control so I thought if none of my previous efforts have worked, this may surprise me.

I attended the first meeting and came away with some books and magazines about food optimisation and recipes. Quick flick through when I got home made me more interested. I thought I can do this so I quickly made a vegetables sauce with no oil to eat with rice. As it was late at night, I couldn’t start boiling meat so I boiled 2 eggs to eat with it. I felt full and no guilty feeling because on slimming world, everything on my plate was free. I could eat as much of it as I want. I’m happy. Next morning getting ready for work I struggled on breakfast. The reality of doing slimming world hit home. What Yoruba breakfast can I eat that are syn free? Not sure but I know for a fact there aren’t any quick breakfasts for weekday mornings for this yoruba woman.

I don’t like baked beans but as it is syn free, I had to have it with 2 pieces of a 400g wholemeal bread and off to work I went. I bought a punnet of grapes to snack on at work, ate my rice and the left over sauce of the previous night with a couple more eggs. At night I had spaghetti and sardine in tomato sauce, oil free of course again all syn free but this was looking like it will be a boring weight loss journey. I persevered and did it again on Friday then on Saturday I cooked beans and replaced the palm oil with tatashe (red pepper) I ate it with grilled dodo again all free. My husband ate the beans and till now he doesn’t know there was no palm oil in it. Then I cooked oil free stew on Sunday with goat meat and Shaki (tripe) I removed as much fat on the meat and tripe as I could see and it was delicious.

I ate pretty much the same thing for a week but i really craved my biscuits as I tend to have a few at the weekend after eating but amazingly I only had 1 custard cream on Saturday. I was so proud of me I could have given myself a pat on the back if my hand reached. Anyway on weigh day I went to the club feeling quite nervous hoping for a loss of about 4lbs but believing that I would probably put on. I got on the scale and I have lost 1.5lbs not a great loss but its a loss and I am happy as it is a step in the direction I want it to go. I now feel confident going into the next week and I genuinely want it to work this time which is why I am documenting it and hoping for some support and words of encouragement from my readers when the going gets tough. Thanks for reading and I will update you next week xxx