Progress Report

20 Oct

I lost 2 ½ pounds in my 2nd week. I was elated about it because I wasn’t expecting that much loss considering I didn’t stick to slimming world’s way of eating in the 1 week before weigh day. I booked a holiday from the group in my 3rd week because it’s eid week and I ate like it was eid, I hope I haven’t put 4pounds back on. Hopefully the next week I will record a loss.

Well i weighed at the club last week and i lost a pound. Its not a lot but its a loss at least so I’m happy.
I am at that point now that as a Nigerian slimming world slimmer, I’m struggling with what to eat. I mean how can i resist egusi soup, banga soup or amala or eba? I have just been eating rice with different kinds of vegetables and chicken sauce or vegetables and fish sauce that  are slimming world approved. Sometimes I eat pasta but I so wish there are much more I can eat that aren’t time consuming or require too much planning.

I have decided that I will see how I go on at the club this week and then decide if I will carry on or stop going for a while. I will of course endeavour in my weight loss journey but take it easily and not pressurise myself into weekly weight loss. I saw an appetising recipe for potatoes and minced meat on Facebook a couple of nights ago so I will try it and see how I like it. I’ll keep you all posted xx


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