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No progress report

22 Apr

I am very ashamed to say things did grind to a halt on the weight loss front. Like I said in my previous post, I was struggling with what to eat on slimming world diet as a Nigerian. It was the easiest diet I could do but of course the recipes are mainly english and Indian.  I have a young family to cook for, they refuse to eat all my kind of slimming world food and i also have to work which means I do not have the energy to make 2 separate  meals so at this moment in time I give up. It’s only for now because I do intend to lose weight.

I started writing this months ago when I stopped but I was struggling on what to write to justify my quitting. I realise it may all sound like an excuse but the blog is about my thoughts, experiences sometimes and opinion so I thought I will go ahead and post it anyway.

Thanks for reading, I♥ and appreciate you all