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28 Jul

It has been so so long. I told you i was a pretend blogger, I bet some of you didn’t believe me then. Well I guess you do now :). So I went to dubai in december with my mum and sisters. My sister wanted to come and visit me in England but there had been a spate of refused visa applications so she decided against applying and losing the money and asked our youngest sister who resides in riyadh if she fancied meeting up in Dubai with her son and she said why not. While they were planning, my mum said why don’t I come along also. That meant all the girls and my nieces and nephew were going except me 😥. I couldn’t afford it and I kept complaining about it. Deep down I knew I would complain for as long as possible because that’s what I’m like 😁 but I wouldn’t be able to go with them (or so I thought).
So on my birthday of course this was last year’s birthday, we went for my birthday iftar. We did the birthday song and then my husband gave me a present; a trip to dubai! Unbeknown to me my husband with the help of the kids researched how much it will cost for me to go to Dubai with the girls and since it will be just me going it wasn’t as expensive. I was so over the moon that I was in tears, happy tears of course. 

Dubai was beatiful and amazing that i cannot wait to go again. I loved the time I spent with my sisters and mum and I hope us girls get to do another holiday in another part of the world. Maybe north Africa, I hear a lot about marrakech from friends at work or maybe sharm-el-sheik. Watch this space

Thank you so much for reading and I truly have my new followers and commenters to thank for inspiring this post 💚💙💝