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I Flew business class! eek 👏

8 Nov

I know, I know people do all the time but I have never so let me make a song and dance about it. It so happened that we decided to go on a family holiday outside of the UK that isn’t to Nigeria for the first time ever. After a lot of discussions arguments and even voting, we finally settled on going to Istanbul (best family holiday yet).

23 hours before we flew out, I logged on to the website to check we have all been allocated sits together. I tried booking our sits weeks before but it would have cost me £8 per person per leg of flight. No way was I paying extra to ensure we all sit together because I know that as long as I already bought my ticket I am assured a sit and no airline is making extra money off me unless I am getting something beautiful in return. Ask anyone who knows me, I am stingy like that. ☺️

So I logged on to check our sits and thankfully they were as together as possible then I noticed a message that said I can make an offer to fly back business class I thought i will click into it to see what offer they meant. I noticed it was literally just that, any offer so I made an offer and they replied that they will let me know if my offer is accepted or rejected in a few days. They let me know like 3 days to our return flight so I decided to keep it a secret from my family because I love doing things like that and I am a massive fan of surprises.

When we got to the check in desk and the lady printed off our tickets and handed it to us the rest of my family were wondering why we got a lounge pass and our tickets were cards and not the paper ones we had on our way out until my husband noticed”business class” written on the tickets. We were all buzzing and at the same time trying not to be over excited not to come across to others around us as if we hadn’t flown business class before. None of my family could understand how it happened so I told them how I had done it. We were all so over the moon and could not stop grinning from ear to ear but due to a delay on our way to the airport, there wasn’t enough time for us to visit the lounge in Istanbul.

The business class seats were nothing spectacular it was just that no one sat next to you which is amazing and instead of the normal “beef or cheese” question you get asked in economy by the host/hostess, we got a menu card to choose from. A MENU!!! We all kept grinning across to one another and taking loads of pictures.

We had a 6 hour layover in Frankfurt but in all the excitement of it all, we forgot to change some money into Euros from Istanbul for us to spend on refreshments during the layover. As you will recall we have never flown anything other than economy so we were quite surprised when we got to the airport Lounge that there was endless supply of different foods and different drinks. I kept on telling everyone we must behave so that none of the other passengers will suspect it was our first time flying business class but it got to a stage that I got so excited I couldn’t care what anyone thought of us anymore after all we don’t know them so what did it matter? So we took as many pictures in the airport lounge as we could and ate as many times as we fancied.

The flight to Manchester was also beautiful the only downside was that I forgot to specify that our meal preference is halal so we didn’t get to eat although by that time we had eaten so much in the airport lounge we weren’t really hungry as it was a short flight anyway.

We had a truly beautiful experience that we talk about it as often as the opportunity arises. I will love to read your experience of a beautiful travel or holiday you have been on. Thank you so much for reading, I truly appreciate you all 💚